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  1. I act older than I look — sometimes.
  2. I look younger than I am — sometimes.
  3. I prefer to rebel quietly.
  4. I’ve been growing white hair since I was 10.
  5. I’ve been [relatively] the same size and shape since I was 13.
  6. I love green apple Jolly Ranchers.
  7. Chinese broccoli in oil and oyster sauce is another favorite.
  8. You can’t go wrong with fresh shrimp (heads on) sauteed in garlic and oil, either.
  9. One of my favorite movies is Love, Actually.
  10. Another is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
  11. I grew up rather suddenly when I was 10.
  12. I have lived a mostly sheltered lifestyle.
  13. I traveled cross-country when I was 4.
  14. I took my first trans-Pacific flight when I was 6.
  15. My first trans-Atlantic flight occurred shortly before I turned 10.
  16. I celebrated my 10th birthday in the Vienna Opera House in Vienna, Austria.
  17. I hum the same 3 second tune every time I change lanes on the highway.
  18. I didn’t get my drivers license till I was almost 22.
  19. I have a high IQ.
  20. I am a serial blogger. Or blog evangelist. Or both.
  21. I am a first generation Filipino-American.
  22. I don’t look at the keys when I type anymore.
  23. I took piano lessons for 8 years, sang in a chorus for 9 years, got a guitar on my 21st birthday, and I still can’t play the thing.
  24. I like older music rather than the new songs that are coming out.
  25. I haven’t gone to the Philippines since Jan 2003 — and I don’t intend to go back for quite some time.
  26. I don’t get sick (fever/flu/etc — colds don’t count) very often.
  27. I hate taking pills.
  28. Blue and black are my favorite colors.
  29. I wasn’t really into makeup till I was 20.
  30. My favorite makeup brand is MAC.
  31. You can’t go wrong with a pair of shit-kicking boots. I have 3 pairs.
  32. I’m allergic to wool.
  33. My all time favorite candy is choco-covered gummi bears. I prefer milk chocolate, but if they’re coming from Dylan’s Candy Bar (NYC) — then I’m all about the white chocolate covered gummi bears.
  34. I drive a 2003 BMW 325xi.
  35. Despite the above statement, I am not a prissy driver.
  36. My hair has been every color of the rainbow.
  37. I’m comfortable being single.
  38. I love New York City (specifically, the Manhattan portion).
  39. I can’t understand nor speak Tagalog.
  40. I’m fluent in understanding Surigaonon, but I still can’t speak it.
  41. I have been to every continent on this earth with the exception of Antarctica.
  42. I have a fear of heights.
  43. I still get the same recurring nightmares now as I did when I was a child.
  44. I did intramural riflery in high school.
  45. People used to tell me I spent too much time on the internet. That it wouldn’t do me any good in the future. I work in the internet industry now.
  46. I took Spanish for 10 years, French/Latin/Japanese for a semester, and Italian for 2-3 years. I’m not fluent in any.
  47. I spent most of my life wanting to become a doctor. Strangely, I’ve had a lot of healthcare related clients.
  48. I swear by my dad’s grilled steak — best steak I will ever eat. And it never needs steak sauce.
  49. I will eat till I’m full, and continue to eat.
  50. I have a really fast metabolism.
  51. I want a BMW Z8, and I want to drive it on the Autobahn.
  52. Avid reader, when I’m not working, eating, sleeping, or blogging.
  53. I think the best beaches are in Australia and the Philippines.
  54. I can never remember exactly where I’ve parked my car.
  55. I hate the winter. I hate the cold.
  56. I don’t retain heat very well.
  57. One of my pinkies looks like a cheez doodle.
  58. I can be very motivated, but I never pass up a chance to procrastinate.
  59. I’m either a jolly or pensive drunk.
  60. My alcohol tolerance comes and goes.
  61. I own a lot of eyeshadow.
  62. My sinuses go haywire in an over-air-conditioned room.
  63. I didn’t realize finding 100 different things about me was so difficult.
  64. Can’t go wrong with some good home-cooked Filipino food.
  65. My favorite cake is ube cake, with a mild buttercream icing.
  66. I swear by Sugar Sweet Sunshine as my all-time cupcake place.
  67. I have a lot of food facts here.
  68. So-called ‘normal’ people bore me.
  69. I’ve got high standards for the people I surround myself with.
  70. I can’t run. I’ve got bad ankles.
  71. I’ve never [I can’t post this publicly].
  72. I have a tendency to [I can’t post this publicly either].
  73. I like volleyball.
  74. I was never really that athletically inclined.
  75. I always overanalyze.
  76. I’ve been reading webcomics for at least 10 years.
  77. I dislike snow.
  78. I enjoy white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water.
  79. I rarely think, write, and say the exact same thing at the same time. It’s probably in rapid succession instead of simultaneously.
  80. I think I tend to fall too fast (physically or emotionally — doesn’t matter).
  81. My current scent is Issey Miyake Eau de Toilette.
  82. I fall easily.
  83. One of my nicknames in high school was “Obsession,” I never answered to that, but it stuck.
  84. Another one is “gimpie” — I DO answer to that.
  85. I’ve got weak ankles.
  86. I’ve known my best friend since 1997.
  87. I don’t keep in touch with anyone in elementary school (at least not on any regular basis).
  88. I’m Roman Catholic.
  89. I really like it when guys _________ (Oh, I can’t post that publicly).
  90. I love a good massage or a spa day.
  91. /burp/
  92. I have an air pocket in my abdominal cavity somewhere. I can make funny burping noises with it.
  93. I never smiled/laughed/cried until I turned 2. According to my parents, I haven’t stopped doing any of the three to date.
  94. When I was little and didn’t want to do something, I’d pout and not do anything and ignore whoever requested it. I still do that, much to the chagrin of my parents.
  95. I am stubborn.
  96. Squeaking is an acceptable form of communication.
  97. dredg is my favorite band.
  98. I went to boarding school (high school) by choice.
  99. My career path was determined after I graduated college, not before or during.
  100. I like eel sushi.
  101. I think I enjoyed high school more than college.
  102. I love writing, and being creative with my writing.
  103. I wrote a one-act play that was all set to be produced off off off Broadway, but due to financial issues, my NYC debut was never realized.
  104. I wrote a crappy screenplay, or at least half of one for a screenwriting class.
  105. I’ve taken two playwrighting classes, one of which was taught by an actively aspiring playwright (Bobo!).

3 responses

2 01 2007

wow, such a neat idea! I so much relate to you! you won’t believe me till i do the same thing! lololol

2 01 2007
25 cent life

And I’m not even done yet…

4 01 2007

In reference to your No. 48: “I swear by my dad’s grilled steak — best steak I will ever eat. And it never needs steak sauce.”

I’ve always understood that a steak can only be “good” if it needs no sauce. Sounds like your Dad knows a thing or three!

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