Of How Things In the Past Happen Today

1 05 2001

I hate hearings. I do. I hate witnesses who promised to be my witnesses then drop me in favor of male pride. I hate witnesses who can’t keep their mouths on what they’re supposed to be talking about. I hate witnesses who tell me that they don’t remember shit — but then at least the entire damn night flows out of their mouths like they were fucking sober the entire time. I hate witnesses who remember about 5 minutes of the entire night; spend 5 minutes talking about those 5 minutes; and for the rest of the 25 minutes they are there spout their personal speculations about everything — and anything — even unrelated shit. I hate JK

I hate Ally

I hate Ted

They’re not truthful, honest, try to make themselves look good — all those three statements match up. But not with mine/Shan’s/Velly’s/Justin’s. And three of those four — those really matter.

Sheep have got to be slaughtered.




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