9.4.2005 – Hark! Boredom rides again!

24 09 2005

Yes, it’s admittedly been a while since I’ve last posted in this thing. I’ve been sidelined via boredom. However, I can also place equal blame on my waning interest in this blogspot site. I’ve already told you that I’ve got passing obsessive phases with things, and it seemed that the time to obsess over 25centlife was shrinking.

The lack of college coursework and campus life in general (what little I could get as a commuter) has made my life rather wanting for something more. Obviously I wasn’t getting it from the internet, so my head turned

to my pillow. I realize how anti-climactic that was.

/time lapse/

There I go again, getting bored of projects even before I complete them. I suppose I could write an entry on Hurricane Katrina, my personal view of the executive branch of our government, the shrinking need to constantly search for physical satisfaction, the ongoing confirmation hearings for what might be our next Chief Justice, the race relations in this country (whites vs everyone else)…

Unfortunately, I’ve tired of this entry as well.

Just letting y’all know I’m still alive over here. When I get my act together, I shall return.

Very famous words, there.




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