2.21.2006 – 3 in a month, what the hell?

21 02 2006
  My thoughts exactly.Three is the magic number, correct?

At any rate, I decided to google the good old QLC (I actually typed in “Quarter-Life Crisis”). Up popped the amazon link to the book that started it all (that is oddly not carried by my local public library), as well as a host of other blogs catering to this phenomenon. I checked out a few. Or at least just checked out the headline.

Am I still suffering from the QLC? Am I still in my QLC?

QLC is defined by some sense of insecurity and/or uncertainty. The only thing I’m insecure about (that I can figure) is my self-image. But that always happens. To anyone. It’s just one of those things. The only thing I’m uncertain about is my social life. But, that too, is just another one of those things.




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