4.28.2006 – 2.5 months

28 04 2006

Give or take a couple of days, a few hours…

I don’t know that I have a unique case, but my job has been my life for the last two and a half months… and while, for most people, would be cause for complaint — I can’t say that I’m complaining at all.

I could bitch about my commute. I could bitch about general work stress… but that isn’t much different from other people’s complaints concerning their job.

I am worried, however. Worried about what? What I have is a trainee (read: temporary) position at my current company. The program ends in mid-June. Supposedly, I’m to have a definitive answer concerning my employment status (read: whether or not I’m permanently hired) sometime within the month of May. May starts next week. If the last few months have been any indication at all — then the 31 day month of May should fly by, work-related bitching and all.

It’s not that I’m not doing a good job (every entry-level has concern over the quality of their work and their productivity — but we also have plenty of room for improvement). I had my mid-program review a couple of weeks ago… and along with all the stuff I can improve on, I have definite strengths, that I’m hoping have been improving since. I think they are. I think it shows.

The bosses have been cc’d on practically every project I’ve done since I started. I got a shout out for my work last staff meeting. And I sound frantic.





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