5.23.2006 – Transit.

23 05 2006

I should be so naive to think that I find something I love, and I could stay there forever. Life is not that simple.

Hey, at least I was optimistic.

One major thing I’ve learned while I’m here? [That relates directly to this blog] Blogs should be updated on a regular basis, whether it be hourly, daily, weekly. Look at my archive. I’m so not doing that. Not unless you count monthly, and even then, I’m putting out a weak effort.

I should be doing that better. I think I will be doing that… better. I aim for weekly.

Where was I?

Right. Transition cycle. It really is a cycle. You graduate. You commence. You… I can’t remember what the ‘official’ pretty name for the beginning of the year is. You matriculate? How embarassing, out of school for a year, and already I can’t remember the terms that made school “school” and different from real life, where you get a job, earn money, go home, spend money… rinse and repeat. I can’t remember the terms that made one cycle different from another.

Change. Remember when I said I had a temporary position? Damn straight it’s temporary. I’m done on June 16. nudge: If you know any interactive/internet strategy/pr places that need someone like me — leave a comment. On the upside, I found something I love, that I’m good at, that I’ve improved immensely. It’s 3 months down, one more to go, and I can’t help but keep looking up. Either that or I look down — and no one wants to look there. Wait… look down, see all the bumps in the road, know where and why you fell — and wondering why the hell you didn’t stay at square one in the first place. No one wants to be there. No regrets, you know, about moving forward. Look up — and you have the whole world. Especially when you have this QLC thing — we’re not old, we’ve got the whole world, the whole sky, the whole wild blue yonder. Just a matter of how you approach things. Nothing seems to be standing in your way. Except for maybe a dark cloud or two.

I really need to stop running my mouth. FOCUS! (Everyone could use a little more focus)

On the upside, I’ve made some fabulous contacts — all which make this new job search less like a chore and more of something better. I’m not applying to “cool-sounding” places in the city. I’m applying to places that I truly believe I can thrive (again, thriving — sounds like a beanstalk growing skywards). I’m applying to places that actually relate to what experience I’ve had here. I’m applying with DIRECTION. I updated my resume (that’s how you know it’s final. I’ve updated my resume with my current, soon-to-be-past job). My resume has DIRECTION.

I feel like I grew up a wee bit.

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