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27 06 2006

Because I don’t have a piece of paper lying around.

  • The Debut
  • Summer barbeques
  • Trying not to forget things I learned at work
  • The Long Distance Friendship
  • How I started blogging

That looks like enough for now.


Should I just give up helping people with this?

27 06 2006

There’s that saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” It’s so true.

I’m a helpful girl. If I see opportunities for friends, I’ll try to help them snag it. (Through people I know)
My view: If I pass your resume onto a colleague, then you should follow up with the colleague.

His view: You don’t contact my colleague if they haven’t contacted you first.

What I’ve learned through my job hunt is that potential bosses don’t think too highly of the shy one, the one that avoids initial contact like the plague.

By nature, I am reticent, I am shy, I don’t make the first move all too often. But in this world, to get what you want, oh boy, can I turn it ON.

Put that foot forward, stick out that hand and PESTER PESTER PESTER!

Or, in a nicer version, just be persistent. It all works out in the end.

What does one do when bored?

27 06 2006

And when one has a viable internet connection?

Why, surf the Web, of course!

In the course of my ‘Net travels, I’ve come across a fair amount of interesting Web Stuff. Blog-wise, you can find all of these on my Blogroll at right. Then there’s the other stuff. Viral things that get passed around from student to student. Some are even old favorites from high school. And then there are the ones I found in college. And now the ones I find on my days off. Mandatory days off. Details.

Here’s today’s link (or the first link, as I may be adding more later)!


I’ve been addicted to this little gem since last night. Yikes. And I can even keep editing my avatar at will. Mistress of Disguises much.

A blurb

27 06 2006

We were comfortable. I’ll give him that much.

He swayed, I followed. I was careful not to get too near. His shoes would crush my delicately painted toes.
He raised the hand that clasped mine, throwing off my balance. Instinctively, I leaned closer, my head burrowing into his collar. I felt his warm breath at my ear.

“You act as if you aren’t attracted to me.”

His scruff grazed my cheek as he spoke. I picked my head up, glancing up through thick lashes. My lips sparkled in the soft dim light. With a small smile, I breathed my words upwards.

“I must be an exceptional actress then.”

At the final downbeat, I pushed myself away from him, and twirled back into the crowd.

25centlife.blogspot is dead.

23 06 2006

I just killed it.

WordPress is now my new home. 

funny, I don't feel too choked up about the whole thing.

6.22.2006 – It’s not the only perspective

22 06 2006

It’s true, living or being in another environment which is completely different from what you are familiar, gives you new perspective on everything.

While I was born in one of the 5 boroughs, I was raised and lived a large portion of my life on the Island. Long Island. I don’t like the place much, to be honest, I don’t know too much about the sights. I know I went to school here for 12 years. I know a couple of people here and there. I also know the large amount that migrated to the City. New York City.

Last week was my last week at my first City Job. It was great. I spent the majority of my week (at least 6 days a week) in the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps.

New perspective.

I had grown up believing that NYC was a hellhole of base desires and delights (1970s-80s Times Square anyone?). Dirtily alluring. Dangerously attractive. And the people. My god. The muggings, the shoving, the nonchalance on a subway platform. And those drivers? Extended all the way to my town, where, admittedly, there are quite a few transplants from Brooklyn. Four months in the Big Bad City — I LOVE IT. It’s nice though, such a mix of people. That’s what the world is, a mix — not mostly white, not mostly black, yellow, or brown. It’s comforting after being in my little predominantly Brooklynite, predominantly Italian, predominantly Jew neighborhood.

So, coming across this gem — I was pleasantly surprised (granted, this is in the now, not so much in the then). New York City – Most Courteous City in the World! According to Reader’s Digest, I mean.


And thank you, most kindly, for reading. =)

6.19.2006 – Forcing…

19 06 2006

Much like one needs to force oneself to do things to affect their lives — I’m forcing myself to write in this blog. Who knew. A blog on life acting as an analogy for that life. Yikes.

In order to have change, one must (a/e)ffect change (I’m too lazy to look it up in my AP book). How does one do that? Damned if I knew. Otherwise, so much would have changed a long time ago.

Let’s try the Method, shall we?

Motivation? I want to change.
How? Wait, that’s not a good question. Why? Better. Because I need a new job. I need more experience. I can’t be expected to sit on my ass at home and do nothing and not earn money while I’ve got things to pay. (Goddamnit. I hate adult responsibility. Damn double-edged sword.) Because I don’t want to sit on my ass at home and get fatter.
What can I do to make things change? Look for a job. Scan the contacts and the new networking points. Go back online and check out the contacts coworkers have set out for me.
What else can I do? Enjoy my impromptu vacation.

Smell the roses while I’m still young, while I’ve still got time.
Enjoy blogging on a regular basis.

Taken from an IM earlier tonight, that prompted this post: in order for it to be an effective blog, I should update more… having that sort of rhythm and regularity in my life will force me to find that same routine in other parts of my life.

Wow. I can be so deep sometimes.