6.19.2006 – Forcing…

19 06 2006

Much like one needs to force oneself to do things to affect their lives — I’m forcing myself to write in this blog. Who knew. A blog on life acting as an analogy for that life. Yikes.

In order to have change, one must (a/e)ffect change (I’m too lazy to look it up in my AP book). How does one do that? Damned if I knew. Otherwise, so much would have changed a long time ago.

Let’s try the Method, shall we?

Motivation? I want to change.
How? Wait, that’s not a good question. Why? Better. Because I need a new job. I need more experience. I can’t be expected to sit on my ass at home and do nothing and not earn money while I’ve got things to pay. (Goddamnit. I hate adult responsibility. Damn double-edged sword.) Because I don’t want to sit on my ass at home and get fatter.
What can I do to make things change? Look for a job. Scan the contacts and the new networking points. Go back online and check out the contacts coworkers have set out for me.
What else can I do? Enjoy my impromptu vacation.

Smell the roses while I’m still young, while I’ve still got time.
Enjoy blogging on a regular basis.

Taken from an IM earlier tonight, that prompted this post: in order for it to be an effective blog, I should update more… having that sort of rhythm and regularity in my life will force me to find that same routine in other parts of my life.

Wow. I can be so deep sometimes.




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