6.19.2006 – Two brief blurbs. Three if you count the intro.

19 06 2006

So I’ve got some time off. Today… I’m just sitting back and enjoying this little taste of summer vacation while I can.

At the suggestion of a friend, I tried to sit down and write. The beginnings of a great book? Hardly. Blurbs, at best.


Standing by ourselves, with nothing but a pillar to support our weight, clinging to each other, as if we didn’t believe that the pillar existed. There was only one. there was only us. Who knew, besides the passerby, that we were not the only ones in the throes of … each other? That is, the ones that were not also so completely lost in each other’s presence. Surely that cannot be anything other, than… what it is.


how can I put this? Sheep. Lemmings. Stuffing. Day in, day out. At the whim and mercy of the clock and weather. 6 o’clock, wake up. 7 o’clock, leave the house. 8 o’clock, get to work. Work till 5, at least. Lunch at 12. Always. No exceptions.




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