6.22.2006 – It’s not the only perspective

22 06 2006

It’s true, living or being in another environment which is completely different from what you are familiar, gives you new perspective on everything.

While I was born in one of the 5 boroughs, I was raised and lived a large portion of my life on the Island. Long Island. I don’t like the place much, to be honest, I don’t know too much about the sights. I know I went to school here for 12 years. I know a couple of people here and there. I also know the large amount that migrated to the City. New York City.

Last week was my last week at my first City Job. It was great. I spent the majority of my week (at least 6 days a week) in the Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps.

New perspective.

I had grown up believing that NYC was a hellhole of base desires and delights (1970s-80s Times Square anyone?). Dirtily alluring. Dangerously attractive. And the people. My god. The muggings, the shoving, the nonchalance on a subway platform. And those drivers? Extended all the way to my town, where, admittedly, there are quite a few transplants from Brooklyn. Four months in the Big Bad City — I LOVE IT. It’s nice though, such a mix of people. That’s what the world is, a mix — not mostly white, not mostly black, yellow, or brown. It’s comforting after being in my little predominantly Brooklynite, predominantly Italian, predominantly Jew neighborhood.

So, coming across this gem — I was pleasantly surprised (granted, this is in the now, not so much in the then). New York City – Most Courteous City in the World! According to Reader’s Digest, I mean.


And thank you, most kindly, for reading. =)




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