Should I just give up helping people with this?

27 06 2006

There’s that saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” It’s so true.

I’m a helpful girl. If I see opportunities for friends, I’ll try to help them snag it. (Through people I know)
My view: If I pass your resume onto a colleague, then you should follow up with the colleague.

His view: You don’t contact my colleague if they haven’t contacted you first.

What I’ve learned through my job hunt is that potential bosses don’t think too highly of the shy one, the one that avoids initial contact like the plague.

By nature, I am reticent, I am shy, I don’t make the first move all too often. But in this world, to get what you want, oh boy, can I turn it ON.

Put that foot forward, stick out that hand and PESTER PESTER PESTER!

Or, in a nicer version, just be persistent. It all works out in the end.




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