What does one do when bored?

27 06 2006

And when one has a viable internet connection?

Why, surf the Web, of course!

In the course of my ‘Net travels, I’ve come across a fair amount of interesting Web Stuff. Blog-wise, you can find all of these on my Blogroll at right. Then there’s the other stuff. Viral things that get passed around from student to student. Some are even old favorites from high school. And then there are the ones I found in college. And now the ones I find on my days off. Mandatory days off. Details.

Here’s today’s link (or the first link, as I may be adding more later)!


I’ve been addicted to this little gem since last night. Yikes. And I can even keep editing my avatar at will. Mistress of Disguises much.




One response

20 12 2007
Children Development

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