Game: Dumbolf

31 07 2006

Too addicting.  An elephant that golfs.



Adventures in Interviews

31 07 2006

I had the dubious pleasure of having a job interview today. Why dubious? If you’re unaware of the heat wave that’s sweeping NYC/LI — well, now you know. It was close to 100 degrees today. Heat index or actual temperature, I may never know the difference, but I did know two things: it was very hot and it was very humid.

I had three choices of suit: black, navy (of a very light material), or light grey (wool blend). If I were just looking at colors, the grey suit would have been a natural choice, but knowing what I did about its heat retention — it was knocked out as a contender. So I’m left with black and navy. Black fabric doesn’t breathe as well as navy. I am more comfortable in pants than a skirt. That made that choice easier. I usually go for skirts once I’ve already acquired the job. No worries, I can be feminine and girly when I want. Just not during interviews. Next issue: shirt inside. Normally, I have an array of “very nice” button-downs for the interview. But please, take a look at the temperature. It would take a lot of convincing for me to wriggle into long sleeved, button-down shirt in 100 degree weather. Even if it’s white. I dug out a lace camisole. Just had to remember to not unbutton the suit jacket. I figure, it’s the middle of the summer, these people could not be so cruel as to NOT turn on the air conditioner by this time of the year. Topped all this off with some simple basic jewelry, to showcase my personal style as well as to not make myself look completely boring and navy. And voila! Outward appearance = no worries.

I must be a rare breed. I enjoy interviews. I prefer to look at them as a social adventure, instead of the grueling process that it is. Why? It’s a known fact that people perform better in activities they like or enjoy, as opposed to activities they deem necessary and nothing more. Of course, job interviews are necessary, I’m not saying they aren’t. But I’ve learned that the whole process goes more smoothly if I look at it as a fun activity as opposed to sheer drudgery. Of course, this also depends on the demeanor of the interviewer or the atmosphere of the company, but I try to be as optimistic as possible. You are, after all, selling yourself.

Social Networking for the Younger Set

27 07 2006

Or, what I did before MySpace. Actually, it was a way to kill time, procrastinating procrastination. Now I just use it as a means to play little flash games. I’m not ashamed, I’ve been a member for near 6 years. Maybe longer.


You can’t look at it and not think social networking.

These thoughts, brought to you by me — procrastinating procrastination.

Crisis management

23 07 2006

Identifying the problem.

A crisis wouldn’t be a crisis without some sort of despondent or frantic or even depressed set of emotions.

There are many forms of depression, from the severe (the ones who need medication) to temporary (due to mourning, loss of job, drastic change of life situation (towards the negative).

Here’s a list of what depression is. It’s a collection of thoughts. I found this list through a friend.

So, being depressed is….

  • being afraid of your own mind.
  • knowing what you have to do to fix things but never having the energy.
  • being ashamed to explain to people that you just don’t know why you didn’t do something, except that you just couldn’t.
  • hoping that the next anxiety attack will take its time in showing up.
  • wanting to curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep at 8:30pm.
  • wondering why all your friends hate you when you can’t get in touch with them, even though you know they’re just busy.
  • fighting almost every day against the voice that says “why bother?”.
  • being unable to take actions to save yourself serious grief in the future because it’s just too hard.
  • hating yourself for being so weak.
  • thinking that if you just had a little more willpower, all these problems would vanish.
  • wishing your anti-depressant did more.
  • hoping your friends don’t just get sick of your excuses and reasons for flaking and being late.
  • not feeling able to tell people why you really took three hours to leave the house.
  • not wanting to seem clingy or crazy when you need to just spend some time with someone to get out of your head.
  • wondering what you are going to do when you are stuck alone.
  • wanting a problem that people don’t think you just need willpower to get over.
  • fearing that one day one of the self-destructive urges will just be too strong.
  • hating the hoops you have to jump through to get treated and get it paid for.
  • dealing with the fact that mental health care is covered so poorly by most insurance.
  • wondering if your emotions are valid.
  • feeling useless.
  • dealing with a broken mind.
  • being afraid that any discussion of your illness will be dismissed as just being emo.
  • wondering what you did to deserve this.

Feel free to add to this.


NIMH: Depression

Depression Self-Screening (NYU)

Maybe they were just looking at LiveJournal

20 07 2006

Nothing meant against my personal blogging tool of choice, but I am a 23 year old female. Let’s just clear that up. I am a Leo, but I don’t have any cats. I’m sure stuffed ones don’t count either.

Washington Post Article

Pew Internet & American Life Project – the study under review

This Washington Post article is a perfect example of why traditional media is going down the tubes. Or why they’re becoming less trusted than bloggers. Especially when there is a phenomenal amount of real bloggers (cough, me) out there.

Let me pick out some choice quotes.

“Bloggers in general don’t intend to have a lot of impact,” said Amanda Lenhart, who directed the survey. “The motivation comes from within; it tends to be very personal. They’re not out to change the world.”

What about political blogs, eh? What about all those blogs that DO want to make a difference? What about all the most famous blogs I’ve heard about before I started this one? They’re a hell of a lot more famous than 25 cent life.

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weddings in the perspective of the single [mid-quarter-life] woman

19 07 2006

I originally had a different topic planned for my first post on this quarter-life blog, but due to an earlier e-mail I received [from Corinne nonetheless], I’ve decided to rant about how it sucks to not have a “plus-one” at weddings.

I only have a handful of single friends. Like- real single friends – friends who aren’t married, have kids, are dating someone or several someones, or are engaged. These friends are just single for whatever the reason may be. I have one friend who just got married last month. I have another friend who’s planning her wedding. I have a friend who just got out of a long term relationship and has already spotted his next potential girlfriend. I have friends who are chain daters and just can’t/won’t stop. It is deeply depressing when I realize all the world around me is attached somehow. I constantly feel like I need to move my love life along. When I was in Hong Kong and China, I couldn’t help but notice how everyone is paired up. I began to wonder if anyone ever went out by him/herself. I spent over a week by myself in Hong Kong and I could feel people looking at me like, “What kind of loser are you? Why are you alone? Don’t you have any friends?” I thought it was just me overthinking things but I’ve asked around and have confirmed my findings. Even my mom has been telling me that if I don’t find someone in college, my chances are slimmed significantly. I’m already out of college. Now, tell me, what kind of kick me while I’m down is that?

I have no qualms with weddings. I am happy to see my friends happy, but does everyone need to be happy right now? My real quandry is this: why are those who don’t deserve the “happily ever after” getting it? I have a friend who’s planning her wedding. Her and her boyfriend got “pre-engaged” a few years ago and her ring- huge! She’s a great girl and she’s had her share of asshole men in her life, yet she can’t tell that this one’s not good for her either. She thinks this is the one she’s going to settle down with and stay with until she’s old and grey. How do you tell someone who already has her seating plan arranged for her wedding that the man she wants to spend her life with is useless? Not only is he useless, cuz useless I can deal with- but he’s a total jerk to her. You can hear in his voice sometimes that he doesn’t respect her and he’s constantly belittling her. It’s people like him who should end up alone and poor, yet he’s getting married. He’s doing the one thing that every little girl fanatasies about. Why should he be able to live out some little girl’s dream?

They say that women always seem to fall for the assholes so going along with that theory, shouldn’t a good majority of the asshole population be taken? Why is it still easy to find an unworthy man? Are there just no good men left? Have they all been scorned and have now converted to assholism?

I’m tired of not having someone to share my days with. I’m tired of meeting someone and building a relationship only to have it fall apart on me. I don’t want to have to scramble to find random someones to attend weddings or other events with me anymore. It really shouldn’t be so hard in a city so big. The next wedding I’m going to, I have a plus one. He happens to be my ex. Woe is me.

— miss beancurd

New York City is all about sex. People getting it, people trying to get it, people who can’t get it. No wonder the city never sleeps. It’s too busy trying to get laid. [[satc]]

Sex sells part 3

19 07 2006


First there was YouTube.

Welcome PornoTube.

Everyone knew it was going to happen.