Happy July.

1 07 2006

I can’t remember what was different about this past January 1 (Why am I talking about January 1 on July 1? — You’ll understand, I promise), but there is a Filipino superstition that whatever you’re doing on January 1 largely determines how the rest of your year will go. I remember one New Year’s Day, I was nothing but sick. Rest of year? Utter crap. Every bad thing you could possibly imagine (within reason). And on January 1 of that year? Utter crap-feeling.

I think I was drunk this year. No, that was the end of December 31.

At any rate, I’ve determined that every week this year, thus far. Every week for the last 6 months. At least one day, I had set foot in New York City (or at least one of its 5 boros (meaning Queens and Manhattan)). But I’m pretty sure I’ve been in Manhattan at least once a week every week for the last 24 weeks. Impressive, isn’t it? I’m going again on Wednesday. Joyous rapture!

It’s for an interview, I confess. Still. Very exciting. Yes, I’m the kind of dweeb who gets excited about job interviews.

I also get excited about food. Fusia on 2nd ave. Fusia on 56/Lex. White chocolate covered gummi bears from Dylan’s Candy Bar. Sushi from St. Marks.

Food aside. An almost mid-20 something like myself… it’s the CITY. It’s exciting. It’s anywhere but Long Island.




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