El Jay

3 07 2006

This weblogging service ushered me into my 20s.


Description taken from the Six Apart site:

LiveJournal is one of the web’s largest online communities, organized around personal journals.

Powerful customization gives you control over everything you publish and the elegant interface keeps things simple and clear.

LiveJournal’s innovations include friend pages — pages that enable users to easily view the recent journal updates of their LiveJournal friends. Additionally, with LiveJournal, users can have custom control over who can view their journal posts as well as join interest-based communities. Paid members have access to additional features including additional image uploads, fastlane access, and the ability to post by email or phone.

LiveJournal’s parent company, Danga Interactive, was acquired by Six Apart in January 2005 and is run out of Six Apart’s San Francisco offices as a unique division within the Six Apart product family.

Description taken from the LiveJournal site:

LiveJournal.com, a web site and online community built around personal journals, was created by computer science major Brad Fitzpatrick in March 1999. Since then, it has grown into a user-supported, open-source service used worldwide. LiveJournal is owned by Six Apart and is based out of San Francisco.


And then, for some odd reason, as parts of me are housed on both WordPress and Blogger — I feel disloyal to Six Apart.

Why? I have a Vox account too. Even though its official release isn’t for a while now. So, let’s count. I have a LiveJournal, a Vox, a WordPress, and a Blogspot. Additionally, while now dead, I have had both an OpenDiary and a Xanga. I am truly a blogger at heart.




One response

12 07 2006

Oh Open diary, I remember it well… I had nigh forgotten about it!

I think I had or have Xanga, Blogger, Opendiary, Live journal and the myspace blog thing.

Nice site you have here!

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