How to get as– some action.

4 07 2006

Don’t deny it. Sex sells. People go on ‘dating’ services to find that special someone to appease their carnal desires for a night or two. Dating sites, my bad.

Hotornot? Sex. Sex.

Myspace? Occasional sex (I’m keeping that whole sex offender scandal, along with attached SNL skit out of it altogether).

Friendster? Sex.  (Yes, it’s possible)

Facebook? Sex — come on — they have a ‘how do you know this person?’ option called — ‘Hooked Up With’.

AdultFriendFinder aka Well, duh. Sex. Look at the site names.

Even independent sites looking out for the sexual well-being of a university’s student population. Yes, it existed. Yes, I took a stab at it. No, I don’t think the site is functional anymore. Yes, the site worked.

Are you seeing a pattern here? Let’s face it. Anywhere that people have a networking opportunity, people (especially the ones my age) are looking for sex. Unless you’re the type that advocates abstinence. In which case, never mind. Maybe you’re looking for … well, I can’t pretend that I know what you’re looking for.

Let’s welcome Naughty America. Avatars, your own little universe. Looking for sex. They even have the avatars having sex. Whoa.

Naughty America. The new alcohol. Helping 20-somethings get laid… virtually.

God. I suck at catchphrases. This is why I’m not in advertising.




4 responses

4 07 2006

You advertised enough to encourage me to open the URL

4 07 2006

I think that’s technically promoting.

10 07 2006
My Take on the Quarter Life Crisis » Sex sells.

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24 07 2006
314 d.brown

This so true everyone using thses site swear there using them as social tools to kepp in contact with friends from past and as quick communication tools, but lets be real they are all looking to get laid by some random stranger they dont have the balls to approach in person!

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