So, why don’t you live in NYC?

9 07 2006

Good question.

  • Because I live on Long Island.
  • Because I still live with my parents (no, I’m not afraid/ashamed to admit it).
  • Because I’m a college graduate with no income.
  • Because it’s more convenient.
  • Because it’s too expensive.

It’s all and none of the above answers.

I suppose I do enjoy living in one of the most expensive places in the US. Granted, it’s probably because I don’t pay for it at all. I don’t enjoy many freedoms, even if I am 23. Part of it is because I am a first-generation-American-born Filipino. Both my parents are baby boomers, both born around the time the Philippines gained independence from the US. Both adhere to their extremely Catholic and Filipino upbringing. This American lifestyle? Not so good. It’s comfy.

No income. No job, at the moment. No extra funds. That’s pretty straightforward.

Get job. Get income. Move out. Regain freedoms. Acquire responsibilities. And perhaps launch myself out of this crisis.

It’s a transitory phase. I’ll get over it.

Back to this World Cup final.




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