Shameless plug for a friend

16 07 2006

The very same friend/coworker who told me he increased his blog readership just by what he learned on the job.

Can you tell I’m trying to apply the same guidelines? Baby steps.

Onto the meat of this entry:

Justin is a phenomenal writer with aspirations to be published (don’t they all). A fabulous little contest by Amazon, a short story submitted: and here we go…

  2. sign up
  3. vote high
  4. and — tell other people about it!

I confess, I have yet to sign up — but that’s what I’m doing as soon as I push the ‘publish’ button at the bottom. I also confess that I HAVE read the story, and as usual, it’s Justin’s amazing talent shining through.

So, again. What’s the first step?


I know people read this, I’ve seen the number of hits. Click, read, enjoy, and vote!

(yes, I’m a bit link happy. i’m sorry)




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