Heat examination.

18 07 2006

I do have a couple of entries on deck such as Cultural Identities and this newspaper clipping I came across the other day. But why aren’t I posting? (this entry excluded)

I’m getting lazy. (score so far: laziness – 1, Corinne – 0) I have nothing to do, I admit. Except maintenance of this blog. But that requires effort. Effort, that in this heat, kills.

I’m in NY, where the heat indexes the last few days have been heat stroke/exhaustion inducing. Just typing this, and I’m breaking a sweat. Maybe I should turn on the AC. Better. But not totally. I’m now turning into an icicle. Can’t win.

Eat? Cook? Who wants to stand over a hot stove in this weather, come to think of it — who wants to stand?

I’m self-teaching myself things. In an effort to remain productive and … marketable to potential employers. I gave up teaching myself guitar a while ago. I know basic notes… and I need more guidance to other things. That brings myself up to knowing: voice, piano, guitar, recorder, xylophone (and any other instruments I was taught at school).

I’m teaching myself French. And in trying to speak (due to a CD course, my speaking is a bit more advanced than either my reading/writing/grammar — of course), I realize that I know a whole lot more languages than I give myself credit for. Unfortunately, I’m still only completely fluent in English. Not unless you’re the type that counts being able to fluently understand. So, now I can add French to my repetoire of: English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Surigaonon (my parents’ dialect) and Tagalog. Unfortunately for me, since I am Filipino, and my parents speak exclusively their dialect around me — I cannot differentiate between Tagalog and Surigaonon. Lucky for me, Tagalog, as well as English are the official languages of the Philippines. Meaning. I can get by okay.

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18 07 2006

nice blog!! organized and detailed!!

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