Maybe they were just looking at LiveJournal

20 07 2006

Nothing meant against my personal blogging tool of choice, but I am a 23 year old female. Let’s just clear that up. I am a Leo, but I don’t have any cats. I’m sure stuffed ones don’t count either.

Washington Post Article

Pew Internet & American Life Project – the study under review

This Washington Post article is a perfect example of why traditional media is going down the tubes. Or why they’re becoming less trusted than bloggers. Especially when there is a phenomenal amount of real bloggers (cough, me) out there.

Let me pick out some choice quotes.

“Bloggers in general don’t intend to have a lot of impact,” said Amanda Lenhart, who directed the survey. “The motivation comes from within; it tends to be very personal. They’re not out to change the world.”

What about political blogs, eh? What about all those blogs that DO want to make a difference? What about all the most famous blogs I’ve heard about before I started this one? They’re a hell of a lot more famous than 25 cent life.

“Of all the bloggers out there, there are only about 10,000 that have an audience beyond their friends and families,” said B.L. Ochman, a business blogger who tracks online trends.

“It astounds me that people are willing to do this stuff without getting paid,” Ochman said. “I come from a generation that gets paid for our work.”

Hey, genius. Some of us think this is fun. Since when do you get paid for your hobbies? Sure, everyone likes the sound of paid vacations… but this is FUN. Leisure, even. We like it. So we’ll do it. It’s not just ‘stuff’.

“The average blogger is a 14-year-old girl writing about her cat,” said Alexander Halavais, an assistant professor of interactive communications at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Just look at my introductory blurb.

Typical bloggers are not ranting about politics or trying to be hard-core journalists, he said. “The survey shows that blogging is really a community-based activity and a way of connecting with people.”

If you’re just looking at LiveJournal.

LiveJournal is the most popular blog-hosting site, followed by MySpace, Blogger and Xanga. Text and photos tend to dominate blogs, but a growing number of bloggers are adding audio and video content. The typical blogger spends less than five hours per week posting material on a blog, the survey shows.

See? Less than 5 hrs a weeks. Uh huh. Well, maybe lately — if you just count my LJ. This one? Definitely not just a less than 5 hr investment. And MySpace? I won’t lie and say I don’t advertise this site on there, but MySpace? I’ve never seen a more useless blog. Yes, I believe blogs are supposed to be a platform. Not JUST a diary.





3 responses

20 07 2006
TC the Terrible

MySpace is pretty much a teen thing. I’d like to have seen more information on those of us that own domain names since we have more of a traditional investment in blogging.

20 07 2006

I feel like they stopped analyzing after their broad generalization that we’re 14 yr olds with cats.

26 07 2006

I work for a major newspaper and they are scrambling to keep their current subscribers. It is in my opinion that the newspaper industry is going extinct. very soon.

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