Crisis management

23 07 2006

Identifying the problem.

A crisis wouldn’t be a crisis without some sort of despondent or frantic or even depressed set of emotions.

There are many forms of depression, from the severe (the ones who need medication) to temporary (due to mourning, loss of job, drastic change of life situation (towards the negative).

Here’s a list of what depression is. It’s a collection of thoughts. I found this list through a friend.

So, being depressed is….

  • being afraid of your own mind.
  • knowing what you have to do to fix things but never having the energy.
  • being ashamed to explain to people that you just don’t know why you didn’t do something, except that you just couldn’t.
  • hoping that the next anxiety attack will take its time in showing up.
  • wanting to curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep at 8:30pm.
  • wondering why all your friends hate you when you can’t get in touch with them, even though you know they’re just busy.
  • fighting almost every day against the voice that says “why bother?”.
  • being unable to take actions to save yourself serious grief in the future because it’s just too hard.
  • hating yourself for being so weak.
  • thinking that if you just had a little more willpower, all these problems would vanish.
  • wishing your anti-depressant did more.
  • hoping your friends don’t just get sick of your excuses and reasons for flaking and being late.
  • not feeling able to tell people why you really took three hours to leave the house.
  • not wanting to seem clingy or crazy when you need to just spend some time with someone to get out of your head.
  • wondering what you are going to do when you are stuck alone.
  • wanting a problem that people don’t think you just need willpower to get over.
  • fearing that one day one of the self-destructive urges will just be too strong.
  • hating the hoops you have to jump through to get treated and get it paid for.
  • dealing with the fact that mental health care is covered so poorly by most insurance.
  • wondering if your emotions are valid.
  • feeling useless.
  • dealing with a broken mind.
  • being afraid that any discussion of your illness will be dismissed as just being emo.
  • wondering what you did to deserve this.

Feel free to add to this.


NIMH: Depression

Depression Self-Screening (NYU)




One response

23 07 2006

wow, so according to this i’m depressed. that doesn’t make me happy. i don’t think i’m depressed….

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