Adventures in Interviews

31 07 2006

I had the dubious pleasure of having a job interview today. Why dubious? If you’re unaware of the heat wave that’s sweeping NYC/LI — well, now you know. It was close to 100 degrees today. Heat index or actual temperature, I may never know the difference, but I did know two things: it was very hot and it was very humid.

I had three choices of suit: black, navy (of a very light material), or light grey (wool blend). If I were just looking at colors, the grey suit would have been a natural choice, but knowing what I did about its heat retention — it was knocked out as a contender. So I’m left with black and navy. Black fabric doesn’t breathe as well as navy. I am more comfortable in pants than a skirt. That made that choice easier. I usually go for skirts once I’ve already acquired the job. No worries, I can be feminine and girly when I want. Just not during interviews. Next issue: shirt inside. Normally, I have an array of “very nice” button-downs for the interview. But please, take a look at the temperature. It would take a lot of convincing for me to wriggle into long sleeved, button-down shirt in 100 degree weather. Even if it’s white. I dug out a lace camisole. Just had to remember to not unbutton the suit jacket. I figure, it’s the middle of the summer, these people could not be so cruel as to NOT turn on the air conditioner by this time of the year. Topped all this off with some simple basic jewelry, to showcase my personal style as well as to not make myself look completely boring and navy. And voila! Outward appearance = no worries.

I must be a rare breed. I enjoy interviews. I prefer to look at them as a social adventure, instead of the grueling process that it is. Why? It’s a known fact that people perform better in activities they like or enjoy, as opposed to activities they deem necessary and nothing more. Of course, job interviews are necessary, I’m not saying they aren’t. But I’ve learned that the whole process goes more smoothly if I look at it as a fun activity as opposed to sheer drudgery. Of course, this also depends on the demeanor of the interviewer or the atmosphere of the company, but I try to be as optimistic as possible. You are, after all, selling yourself.




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1 08 2006


Agreed about this heatwave.its horrid!

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