Writers block or Life Block?

24 08 2006

After the last two times I’ve tried to post, I’m more inclined to think of “Personal Block Installed to Prevent Tirade at WordPress”. At least it only ate an entry, not my entire blog… (fumes at Blogger)

Let’s see what I can remember. (I don’t think it will be as nice as the first incarnation. Considering now I’m typing from memory, instead of just actually writing, as I had done before. And I really hate to type all this out again. Yes, I’m just that much lazy.

I admit, I haven’t been posting as much since I acquired a new job. My life revolves around work and the commute. That’s 12 hrs of my waking hours. If you consider that I sleep between 5-6 hrs a night (I’m overestimating here), then that’s 6 hrs to myself. 5 days a week. Since I live at home, about 2-3 hrs of that are spent around parents. Let’s make that 3-4 hrs to myself. And the time it takes me to produce a proper blog post? I’m a perfectionist. Enough said.

And to quote the inside joke of a friend? I’m a lazy perfectionist. I don’t just crank out these entries like they were breaths of air. They take effort. And I’m lazy. Hell, if you check out my sidebar of categories, “Lazy” is right up there with the rest of them.

… time goes by …

Speaking of lazy, it’s been a couple of days since last I tried to post and when I started to re-edit and lengthen this entry. But, I can’t blame it entirely on sloth. There’s exhaustion, both mental and physical. And work. And those other random snippets of life that just happen to get in the way of plans you make that have absolutely nothing to do with the basic necessities of your new twenty-something lifestyle. When I say basic necessity, I’m talking about things such as sleeping, eating, working, pooping…

Yes. I just said pooping. Again.

The last two paragraphs brought to you by my lethargic brain on the train ride home.

…time goes by… so slowly… time goes by… (cue a sample from ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme”)

You know what I’ve been doing a lot lately? Letterwriting. As in handwritten letters. Why didn’t I use that time to type this up? I don’t know. I’m lazy. I think that letterwriting is a lost art /fell asleep/

More on letter writing in some future post!


Minor crisis.

22 08 2006

Excuse me, I want to kill WordPress. It ate my post.

Repost later.

Inspiration 3

18 08 2006

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can fly only by embracing each other.” -Lucian de Crescenzo


I credit discovery of this one to the Dear Abby column. Could be Ann Landers. I forget. I was 11 when I found this.

Inspiration 2

15 08 2006

“All is always now.”


I think that’s a great way to live one’s life.

Less than the first week.

15 08 2006

I know I promised to write directly after my birthday, the weekend after the first whirlwind week at a brand new job. I really was going to. I was also drop dead exhausted. I’ve never been happier to not have a big birthday bash. I wouldn’t have made it through the first hour before falling asleep, face first in food.

So here I am on the second Tuesday. Still exhausted but for a completely different reason. The hours I signed for were from 8-5. My first day (and most of the first week) I had been coming in between 9 and 930. Yesterday it was finally determined that my hours are 8-4. Let me repeat this to you again. I live on Long Island. I work in Manhattan. Do you know how long a commute that is? I take the train from Ronkonkoma all the way to Penn Station. Go look that up. That is a more than one hour train ride. And that’s just the train. Actually, the subway ride now is nowhere near as painful as the subway ride before. And neither is the walk. But all in all, a more than 1 hr train ride is still pretty daunting when you have to be at work at 8 in the morning. Let’s back it up here. I have to be at work a bit before 8a. I get to Penn Station around 730a. My train leaves Ronkonkoma before 624a. I am not a morning person. I am slow before noon. So I get myself up well before 5a.

I am not a morning person.

But I am a lunch person. A food person. So after noon — I’m golden. Like right now.

Should I feel special?

11 08 2006

I just got a comment, which links to the trailer site for the new Spiderman flick.  It looks awesome.

Oh yeah. I’m 24 today. 1 year closer to my quarter-life.

I have work in 7 hrs. I’m still awake. And I need to be up in about 3. Yeah, growing up. And acting like I haven’t.

I’m excited, what can I say?

A little contemplation

8 08 2006

While talking to a friend:

responsibility sucks. independence doesn’t. too bad they’re not mutually exclusive.

2nd day of work. I promise I have a post coming up about the first few days. I’m just exhausted from my commute. The hours haven’t been so bad, but its just transitioning myself from laid-back-just-chilling-doing-nothing-for-the-summer to responsible employee that’s exhausting.