I (don’t) want my MTV!

3 08 2006

Fourteen some (god, I feel so old now) years ago, MTV defined youth culture. It was all about the cutting edge of music. I was glued to MTV. I wanted to work there. I wanted to be there. It was the coolest place ever. Now… I channel surf right by, breeze right on by their 1515 Broadway office. MTV was still cool when you were in your 20s, now MTV seems to have completely alienated the generation that it helped define.Yes, so I know they have a demographic — so does Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, and yet, I find myself religiously watching both facets of the SAME CHANNEL (Cartoon Network). With all its incarnations, I cannot bring myself to watch MTV for more than 30 minutes anymore, and most recently, it’s because of that new show: Final Fu. Ernie Reyes Jr. It’s refreshing to see a Filipino in the mainstream.

I don’t remember MTV replaying all the ‘new hip’ videos over and over again, so that after one day, I can repeat all the words to Jessica Simpsons ‘A Public Affair’ (I confess, I like the song, too). They don’t play anything new. Nothing different. Nothing cutting edge. They are defined by their new demographic. They are not shaping their demographic.

It’s kind of sad. No, it’s really sad. What does MTV stand for? Music Television. I have seen LESS music on this channel in one year than I would if I were watching for one day back in 4th grade. Yes,The Real World and Road Rules were pioneers back in the day. But we don’t need clones on how shallow America is. Nor do we need shows telling us that we need to be shallow. No wonder the rest of the world has such a low opinion of us. Seriously, MTV, get your head out of your ass and be the channel that you were created to be. Not the one you stuck your nose up at when you started 25 years ago.

Go away MTV, go away. I can’t believe I ever wanted to work for you.

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3 08 2006

thank you, perfectly communicated my exact thoughts…everyone should read this!

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