I won at life yesterday.

3 08 2006

Finally landed a new PR job. I am so unbelievably psyched. New adventures. New learning experiences. Health benefits. (In one of my earlier entries, you can view an exchange between myself and a friend concerning benefits and jobs)

I’ll be back in the rat race with the commuters from LI clogging the LIRR, and therefore Penn Station at some ungodly hour of the morning. There is money to be made, clients to satisfy. And in the middle of it all, me, so unbelievably grateful that I’ve been allowed to chug along my little career track again.

Forgive me for sounding too cheery or too ecstatic, but I really do love PR and I really love that I’ve been granted the opportunity to get paid for it again.


This does not mean that this blog will die anytime soon. With the job, comes different stresses. So, I’ll be documenting those. Includes my lack of dating life. But there’s a reason for that. Which I won’t be discussing. Anyway…





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