Less than the first week.

15 08 2006

I know I promised to write directly after my birthday, the weekend after the first whirlwind week at a brand new job. I really was going to. I was also drop dead exhausted. I’ve never been happier to not have a big birthday bash. I wouldn’t have made it through the first hour before falling asleep, face first in food.

So here I am on the second Tuesday. Still exhausted but for a completely different reason. The hours I signed for were from 8-5. My first day (and most of the first week) I had been coming in between 9 and 930. Yesterday it was finally determined that my hours are 8-4. Let me repeat this to you again. I live on Long Island. I work in Manhattan. Do you know how long a commute that is? I take the train from Ronkonkoma all the way to Penn Station. Go look that up. That is a more than one hour train ride. And that’s just the train. Actually, the subway ride now is nowhere near as painful as the subway ride before. And neither is the walk. But all in all, a more than 1 hr train ride is still pretty daunting when you have to be at work at 8 in the morning. Let’s back it up here. I have to be at work a bit before 8a. I get to Penn Station around 730a. My train leaves Ronkonkoma before 624a. I am not a morning person. I am slow before noon. So I get myself up well before 5a.

I am not a morning person.

But I am a lunch person. A food person. So after noon — I’m golden. Like right now.




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