It wasn’t quite working out.

5 09 2006

In order to avoid being dooced (or dooced in the future?), I will not mention who, where, why, or when. I can say what (sort of). Please see title.

It hadn’t been very long of course, but the loss of anything, especially an anything with income is hard, and I apologize for the lack of regular posting. In addition to the writers and life block as mentioned earlier. But, lack of an income, isn’t conducive to regular and happy posting — and I might have blurted out something completely unintentional, harmful, and/or a combination of the two — throw in several other negative emotions there too.

Which brings me to my next topic — something people from my graduating class and the recent crop of college graduates may STILL be going through. WHY GOD WHY?! Why do you make us suffer so?

I don’t know.

Here’s some linkage, if you don’t wish to read me any further — in search of that seemingly ever-elusive anything with an income. You’d really prefer it to be something you liked, and omg, even loved. I’m still looking for that. I had it. And I had to let it go. How did that saying go? If you love something, let it go, and if it was meant to be — it’ll come running back? It’s been 3 months. Come back already!





I look like a career blog. How semi-depressing.




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