Facebook gone wrong

7 09 2006

Very very wrong.

Facebook used to be a nifty site. With a cool purpose. More private than Myspace or Friendster. Easy to use. Simple.

Now, with the introductions of ‘newsfeed’ and ‘mini-feed’… it’s gotten complicated, public, and just plain wrong. I do not need to know who wrote what on who’s wall, I do not need to know who was recently online, I do not need to know every little change people have made to their profiles, I do not need to know how many times someone can change their relationship status over the course of an hour. Even Scobleizer’s noticed.

Newsfeeds serve a great purpose (outside of the facebook-verse).  News aggregators right in one place. Check out the customizable Google homepage. Feeds on quotes, words of the day, humor, news…etc… Useful things. Feeds on facebook? More stalker-friendly than you can ever imagine. It’s like real life Big Brother, but so much worse. It’s not a game. It’s your own life.

The mob mentality is that Facebook has done a bad bad thing. I’m all for feeds because I know their usefulness factor. But, I believe that their execution is incorrect. I’m still trying to think of a better execution because all I see on Facebook now — is poor display, poor execution, and (oh my lord, I checked out my profile) poor usability.

What do you think they should do differently?




3 responses

2 10 2006
Facebook gets wronged. « My Take on the Quarter Life Crisis

[…] What a change from Facebook goes wrong. Way to go Mediaweek. […]

15 12 2006

I agree COMPLETELY. I actually believe Facebook is inherently evil and wastes vasts amount of America’s Youth’s time that should be spent on things that strengthen our bonds and relationships with our fellow man…not weaken them. Facebook is entering a downward spiral – join the growing number of people who choose to live a real life, one with privacy and substance – DELETE YOUR FACEBOOK and START LIVING LIFE!

15 12 2006
25 cent life

I don’t disagree with the idea of social media altogether though. In our internet-saturated world, it’s impossible to function without some aspect of the web. Facebook is valuable in that you can reconnect with people you would have otherwise lost touch with in the non-virtual world. However, you shouldn’t spend your entire life on it. I have a Facebook profile — but I check on it maybe once a week now.

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