Sex sells 5

31 10 2006

It never ends…

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Bellies and UDL.

26 10 2006

I wonder what I’d look like without my belly chub. It’s always been there. I’ve always grabbed at it, poked it, squished it around to make the pseudo-butt cleavage. I wonder what I’d look like with an actual toned tummy. Maybe my belly button jewelry will actually sit right, instead of crooked, due to the skewing of my center line due to non-balanced chub. Maybe I could actually CHANGE my belly button jewelry. Cause, you know, that would be cool. Inasmuch as I actually like the starting jewelry, I could change it to something dangly and annoying. What happened to simplicity? Girls are carrying around the dangling-to-the-shoulder earrings, dangling rings, dangling bracelets, layered necklaces, why not add dangling other body jewelry to that list. You’ve gotta be hauling around at least another pound or two of metal that way. Sheesh.

Ew. Is it really that hard for people to clean up after they pee? I always check the seat out for UDL (Unidentified Drops of Liquid) before I pee, because that’s really gross, plopping your rear end down on the seat, and feeling that cold wetness spread out over one leg/cheek or the other, and come to the horrid realization that you’ve sat on what is possibly someone else’s liquid excretions… regardless of whether or not it’s water from their hands or just splash residue from the sink — you can never be too careful in an office full of non-family people. Ewie. I’m not as OCD about germs as some other people I know, but geez. Ew to residual pee on toilet seats.

On the subject of religion.

26 10 2006

Oh yeah. I totally went there.

sometimes i think religious institutions (church/temple/mosque) are only there to provide structure to those who are too weak to have faith for the sake of faith alone.


Sex sells 4

25 10 2006

Everyone’s favorite category is back! How do I know? The blog stats don’t lie. My most visited posts are the ‘Sex sells’ series. In particular, the Suggestive Advertising post. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, move your mouse to the tabs up top and click the one marked ‘Series’.

As an explanation: “Social campaign by the AIDS information center in Frankfurt.”
This is from

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Halloween memories.

25 10 2006

Sometime in elementary school, I wanted to dress up as a nerve cell for Halloween.

How nerdy was I?

Answer: Extremely.

An evening with Mr. Girth

25 10 2006

Coming soon (on Monday, October 30, actually), my much anticipated interview with Mr. Girth. I mean, Dave.

Find out the nitty gritty on this MySpace celeb on Monday morning. You know you want to.


23 10 2006

Do guys always seem to think the girl should automatically know what they’re thinking? Why do they get mad when the girl tries to delve deeper?

Why the hell can’t we communicate effectively with each other?