Facebook gets wronged.

2 10 2006

What a change from Facebook goes wrong. Way to go Mediaweek.

Apparently, they had incorrectly reported that Facebook was going to start displaying banner ads within their new newsfeed feature. Just when the Facebook users were getting used to the newsfeed, and thankfully employed a lot of the newly installed privacy features — another ad scare.

In no uncertain terms, Mediaweek insinuated that “when one user clicks on an advertisement in their feeds, all of that user’s friends will be notified that the ad was clicked on and will be given an opportunity to join a group led by the advertiser, apparently. Mike Murphy, Facebook’s chief revenue officer, told MediaWeek the following: ‘Up until now, most advertising on social network sites hasn’t leveraged social networking behavior…This offers a viral opportunity that is unique for advertisers that is not disruptive.’

Yes, right up until we give you some of our trust back, you go and ruin it all for us again. Lucky us, this was not the case.

Updates from the good people at Facebook:

Update: Melanie Deitch, Facebook’s Director of Marketing, emailed to tell us that the MediaWeek story we linked to below was incorrect and that in fact, no unsolicited notices will be sent. Only users who have elected to join a sponsored group will be notified when friends in that group click one of the group’s ads.

Update 2 Deitch wrote back to clarify that no one will ever be notified of your ad clicks and the ads will either be for sponsored groups or link directly to an advertiser’s page. Sounds like the MediaWeek story was almost entirely wrong.





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