2 10 2006

What better way to usher in another 5 days of work than on a Monday. Granted, if you’re Jewish, you get a holiday today and you get to start work tomorrow. But what’s the fun of having a ‘Monday’ kind of day on Tuesday? Unthinkable.

Do I have a case of the Mondays? (Think Office Space) Possibly. It’s just too early to tell today. I’m hoping I don’t have a case of the Mondays. That would feel potentially disastrous (doesn’t it always though?). And I feel like I can’t afford a disastrous day today.

Maybe I should be Jewish. I’m born/baptized/raised/confirmed Catholic, I have no issues with any other religion. But for most of my formative years, I grew up surrounded by Jews. (Jewish people? What’s the PC term here?) According to a childhood friend, I have a very prominent ‘inner Jew’. I’m not surprised.

Oy vey.




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