PB, this one’s for you.

2 10 2006

Has anyone ever seen/read/heard of Aaron Karo? He’s the guy who wrote Ruminations on College Life and Rumniations on 20-something Life. Also a standup comedian. And writes a hilarious email column that is delivered to my inbox every two weeks. I’ve been on email subscription for a couple of years now. I’m not quite sure if it was him or someone else that I got the idea of the quarter-life-crisis, but at any rate, I had an idea and I wanted to be part of it. At least put my name, well, eyes, on it too.

I had a professor in college, a slightly wacky guy (so I thought at the time) who was just bursting with ideas. He’s possibly one of my most favorite professors ever. He had a slightly crazy (to the uninitiated) way of speaking. But isn’t that the way with most creatives? Normal society just doesn’t understand. He had a habit of throwing out seemingly unrelated ideas (gray cubes, gatekeepers, and provolone — being some of the most notable and possibly most quoted) during his lectures for Visual Interpretation and Media Theory & Criticism classes — the only two I ever took with him. Part of his lesson plan was to introduce students to grant writing — concieving of projects and undertakings that companies would WANT to fund. Can you imagine, being a junior in college and recieving 10 grand (or more) from a large name brand company for a project you’ve always wanted to do? Project ideas ranged from media installations to films to mass surveys to lecture series. I always thought I had a rather clunky unpolished idea. I wanted to put my own spin on the quarter life crisis, but I didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to launch the idea in the way that I liked. Or at least an idea that I could make money off of. (This blog is completely not-for-profit.) I drafted a grant proposal, and never sent it out.

Being out of college for a year, and having the tools (with an easy interface) plus another year or two of blogging expertise, I decided to make my project idea a reality. It’s only been three months, and perhaps I should post this when 25 cent life is a year old, but it’s already been over 2 years in the making for 25 cent life. For a 3 month old blog, it’s doing relatively well, and I couldn’t be happier to finally have my idea come to a solid (as solid as things on the internet get) fruition.

Thanks PB!




2 responses

2 10 2006

as long as you keep the cheese levels down; he’ll be proud 😉

2 10 2006
25 cent life

No cheese present!

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