Some early morning thoughts.

3 10 2006

For the majority of this year, the thoughts I mulled over during my morning commute were in the form of dreams. Nothing that I could ever remember solidly. Who ever remembers all their dreams in vivid detail? Either that or I was just wishing desperately I was back curled up in bed, perfectly oblivious to the rest of the world. At least that’s what happened in the winter/early spring. Cold is not my friend.

Now, it’s turning chilly again, it’s October – it better be chilly! I still hate the cold. And now I get to watch idiot drivers on the highway. Like the woman putting on makeup in her rearview mirror and getting pissed off as she started drifting to the right, incurring the honking rage of another driver. Lady, you are not paying attention to the road. Granted, while we are all on “The World’s Longest Parking Lot,” when traffic is moving at a brisk 50 mph – that is NOT the time to be applying eyeliner.

And there’s the driver who was eternally looking for something below his passenger seat. Nearly rear-ended the truck in front of him more times than I could count. And then he starts hollering that the truck (it was a pick-up) can’t drive properly. Last I checked, normal people driving should be at least looking at the road, not at your dusty floormats.



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