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4 10 2006

Early morning ambrosia. Fragrant, sometimes sweet, sometimes punchy, sometimes with an extra kick (I’m talking chili pepper, not caffeine), sometimes with another extra kick (caffeine/espresso goes here).

The morning beverage of choice for so many many many (insert hundreds/thousands/millions/billions here — I didn’t do any research) people. Sometimes even an afternoon jolt, and even then an after dinner closing. More popular than dessert.

When 2006 was still new, we had just acquired a Senseo coffee machine. The ease of use and cleaning up were such intriguing things — we had to use it all the time. The variety of the 1-cup/2-cup and 1-pod/2-pod provided a seemingly endless source of entertainment and coffee. (Seriously, I’m a gadget geek, and so is my dad — my mom just doesn’t understand)

Then, I took a job in the Greatest City in the World — New York City (for all those natives — The City) (for all non-natives — Manhattan). And promptly got addicted to Starbucks. If I was having fun with pods and cups before, I was having a field day with all the different permutations for a cup of coffee withint 5 minutes of my exiting the train. I also had the fortune (misfortune for my wallet, however) of boarding and exiting the train at the exact egress that was closest to the station’s resident Starbucks locale. I tried out various purchases before settling on my new morning favorite: a Venti White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot. As the weather got warmer, I gravitated towards a Venti Iced Soy Mocha with an extra shot. I couldn’t work in the City that Never Sleeps without some extra espresso!

Which brings us to the present. The Starbucks rival on every other corner, where there isn’t the familiar green/black/white sign. The rival that seems to be far more prevalent on my home turf.

Dunkin Donuts. Far cheaper (at least in my area), far less variation. And I’m stuck on their Hazelnut with milk and sugar. Size varies depending on my alertness level. Not to be consumed during the drive, but only after I have reached the comfy safe haven of my desk.

Next up (not immediately soon, but at some other later point, for a future entry): Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream trumps Starbucks ice cream.



2 responses

19 11 2006

While I can’t say I’d drink coffee for the caffeine (it has quite the opposite effect on me, actually), I’d drink Dunkin Donuts coffee over the crap that Starbucks spits out any day.

19 11 2006
25 cent life

You’re such an LIer. I used to drink Jolt in HS just so I could fall asleep.

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