Twofer Tuesdays

17 10 2006

I’m absolutely convinced I’ve been posting far too often lately. I’ve already shattered my weekly quota (the last record is at 2 per week on non-consecutive days), and I’m well on my way to possibly destroying my daily quota (or not. I don’t remember how often I used to post). Details…

This is more a matter of me filtering through my drafted posts (I have an overflowing handful) and putting finishing touches on them. And posting them. And driving you, the reader, crazy because I haven’t posted 3x on 3 consecutive days ever! Milestone! Let’s toast to it. No, it’s too early for champagne.

One thing I constantly complain about is the weather. I don’t know what happened between my toddler years and the present, but I have transformed from a tiny, plump, and WARMTH-emitting child into a slim young lady with apparent circulation problems.

I love NY. Specifically, I love NYC. You can see that in my About page (click the button that says  About 25 cent life), button above. I abhor upstate NY — even if it’s part of my beloved state. I’m not a fan of too many trees (see why I love my concrete jungle?), nor am I a fan of the fact that my favorite season lasts for all of two months up there. Maybe less, on a bad year. No matter what anyone says, NY (and CT too, as I’ve lived there for 3 years) only has two seasons. Dave agrees with me, or is it I agree with Dave?

Lastly, I’m wondering how much longer we’ll perpetuate the myth about four seasons. Anyone who has lived in New York City, or the Northeast in general, can attest there’s no such thing as Fall and Spring. Temperatures go from 80 to 40 to 20 to 80. Forget about cool 60 degree days, or sunny 50 degree days. They don’t exist. They haven’t for years. It’s time to stop with the bullshit. Kids, there’s Winter and Summer. The leaves change colors for a day and then fall to the ground. That’s it. End of story.

It’s so true. We have winter, which in my opinion lasts from mid-September till mid-May. And then there’s my favorite season, glorious summer from mid-May till mid-September. There’s none of this Fall and Spring. Those are the same “season” in my opinion. It’s either all cold/mostly cold or all hot/mostly hot. Either I’m losing heat and being comfortable or I’m losing heat and freezing extremities off.  It’s mid-October, and I can’t feel my fingers, nose, or toes.

25 cent life: Now taking offers of warmth and trips to summery locales.




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