20 10 2006

I really should have come up with a more interesting title, but really — if you knew my current state of being, you should be so lucky that you’re getting a post at all.

I’ve decided to share something from one of my favorite bands: dredg.

building us up
tearing me down
lifted back up we are climbing
all of this time
drifting right back to the ground

suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly

questioning, and saying
our opinions, they’re failing
they’re constantly changing
our ignorance, remaining
we’re hoping, and waiting
we’re living, but dying
while trying to find out
my meaning isn’t planned out
come to the conclusion
might as well be an illusion
while trying to find out
i did nothing, but shut out

This song is called ‘yatahaze’. No, I don’t know what it mean, but I think the lyrics represent the quarter life crisis really well. Especially the longer 2nd part.

This is actually ‘yatahaze’ and part ‘matroshka’.




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