I am guilty.

15 11 2006

Of not updating sooner.

To be honest, I have about seven entries on deck. Not quite completed or even barely started. I am a bad bad blogger.

-2 hrs  later-

See, this is just what I said. This is what I get for looking at my on-deck entries … not at home. Did you know that a majority of bloggers update during the work day? It’s my lunchbreak, it’s okay. It really is. It’s about 115p right now. I usually take lunch around 130p. That’s still fine, right?

-30 min later-

Seriously? (Said in a very Grey’s Anatomy-esque tone) Seriously. The speed at which I type, you’d think I could bang out a short and sweet — and RELEVANT entry. Nope, of course not. Not even during my lunch break. Or the sad excuse for a lunch break I am currently experiencing.

-1.5 hrs later-

I should just quit while I’m ahead, shouldn’t I? Or is it quit while I’m behind, with no hope of ever being ahead again?




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