2006 – review.

31 12 2006

How can I do a review of 2006 if 25cents has only been live for a little over 6 months? I can and I will. I’ll take snippets from my other blogs. See what a rollercoaster 2006 has been for me. I’ve still got a bit over 2.5 hrs before 2007 to finish this one up.


  1. I GOT IT! I GOT IT! well. This IS a good weekend. =)
  2. i guess they never imagined they’d be paying their intern *this* much money.
  3. im so grr and argh and quiet and mousy and pathetic and bitchy and agh and ugh all at once.

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28 12 2006

meme! But it’s in a good way. I always want more traffic, I want people to recognize my blog, and I want them to comment. I want discussions. I want a bigger audience. So I’m adding myself to the Z-list. Maybe I will get more links/people that way.

THIS is the spirit of blogging! And community! And we all need a little bit of that, don’t you think?

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28 12 2006

Somewhere in the discussion in Psych of Attraction, the subject of value came up. Someone stated survival and replication value (makes it sound so businessy, doesn’t it?). What about the quest to seek value in our lives (post-college age)… whether it be short term or long term?

Is it one’s career? Success? Social value? Biological value (ties into replication)?

Personally, I seek success over anything else in the short term. I do not need a man to complete this. Friends are also of value to me, as is my sanity (ha). Career success, financial success… sure, if/when I get married (which is not something at the forefront of my mind) — financial success of the man does play a part. But it’s not my focus right now.

I go for personal independence first and foremost. Long term is an issue, but not as pressing as the short.

Post 100

27 12 2006

me: can you effectively convey a point of view using only cliches and quotes from other people? will people take you more seriously if you use words and thoughts other than your own?


Anatomy of a career

26 12 2006

It’s the end of a year (or at least 5 days from it)… and I suppose I could do one of those typical and expected year in review things. It’s not quite as full of milestones as last year was, since I was still a student at the beginning of 2005 and working at the end of it.

I’ve decided to do a different take on it this year — see my title.

I can’t really do the whole span of 4 odd decades of working because, let’s face it, I’m only 24. I’ve only been alive for 2 odd decades, and for most of that — I was a professional student (and making zero money from it).

Just from what I’ve seen so far this year… there are two ways you can go. Fight your way through the ranks at a large conglomerate or make it big quick in a small up and coming. It’s true, our economy is no longer run by the big men, it’s carried on the backs of small to mid-size businesses.

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Psych of Attraction

25 12 2006

me: is it possible to be attracted to someone because you think you want to be attracted to them?

Holiday Party Etiquette

23 12 2006

Tis the season. It’s almost Christmas, and we all know what that means (at least for the ones gainfully employed)… it’s Holiday Party time.

You’re going out with the people you work with. Not your friends. Not the people you can shoot the shit with at a bar or in your pajamas in your backyard. Not the people you have sexually suggestive conversations with. No, not those people. Instead, you’re going to a party with people you have professional relationships with.

I’m not saying that you can’t be friends with people you work with; it’s just that somewhere you need to draw a line. A big thick black line, preferably up to shoulder height. With the weight of a few tons. And maybe the width of a football field. Let’s face it. There just seems to be some things you cannot do with work people that you can do with your friends.

I’m not saying that all offices or companies are like this. Certainly not the jobs I’ve worked at, but as a general rule, better to be safe than known as ‘that guy’ or ‘that girl’.

Under the cut are a few tips to help you survive the Holiday Party Experience.

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