High school reunions

5 12 2006

It’s not exactly a reunion, per se.

It’s the annual young alumni holiday party my high school (yes, they’re totally awesome like that) holds. Regionally, I mean. We’re spread out all over the place. I go to, obviously, the NYC one.

I usually have some reservations at appearing at a function like this. Most notably, the part where I think I don’t know anyone. Everyone remembers me (it was small enough to know faces… and we had a facebook – not the Facebook). But I wasn’t the most social gal back then. I was best described as anti-social, introverted, and quiet. Faux studious. Nerdy. Attached to the internet (seems to have worked out alright, in that respect). Not to mention, the friends I did have – were like-minded, like-labeled, and more often than not in a class other than my own.

Which is why this party is good, in that respect. It’s all geographical. Doesn’t matter what class you were in – generally, you can always find someone. Or at the very least, some past faculty member I had some beef with back in the day – where we can look back on rough memories fondly and with a laugh.




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