High school will always be high school.

6 12 2006

No matter how long ago it was.

The party was grand. The alcohol was abundant. The food was good and kept you coming back for more. And dessert was heavenly.

I wasn’t the most social girl back then (as referenced inmy last post). I wasn’t the most popular. I wasn’t the most overly involved either (I did my fair share of community service, I was part of the chorus, and the Asian Association). But I had a lot of people I could chill with and talk to — no matter the class.

I saw all the popular people. I saw all the rich people. I saw their bright sparkly jewelry, their huge designer bags, and their bleached blond hair. I saw the guys who dressed in their best suits, name dropped as easily as they breathed, and their perfectly folded pocket squares. And I saw how easy it was, how practiced it is for them to look directly at me, make eye contact, and barely recognize or register my existence at all.

Nothing’s changed.

I saw my friends from other classes, people I’ve met from other parties. I’ve talked to them for the full three hours. I networked. I chatted. I shared fond memories. And some things, I’m happy, they never changed.

We’re still the quirky crazy Choaties who have interests as varied as law, theater, pre-med, sciences, philosophy. But we grew up… and we never forgot that.




One response

17 12 2006

whooooo choaties!
i hope you’re doing well. and merry christmas while i’m at it. 🙂 ~valerie.

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