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27 12 2006

me: can you effectively convey a point of view using only cliches and quotes from other people? will people take you more seriously if you use words and thoughts other than your own?




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27 12 2006

You can effectively make a point using only other peoples words, I guess, but what would be the point? If you’re only going to regurgitate what others have said before you and not offer anything new into the mix, you may as well keep your mouth shut/fingers still and listen/read what others have to say.
However, using other peoples words/arguments to support your own original thought/idea/theory does make what you have to say carry more weight. Think back to our fun film theory days (I know, it’s hard): Laura Mulvey used Freud to make her points about the male gaze and Hitchcock. Had she left out the psychoanalysis, her thesis would have been comprehensible but with no backing. The same goes for all who have used Mulvey to support their own arguments (myself included); by using an established and generally accepted theory to support a new claim you add an element of credibility.

28 12 2006
25 cent life

there’s a difference in using a source to back your claim or using it to expand your argument. i was talking about someone hypothetically responding to your comment using cliches and other people’s words ONLY — with no added content from themselves. like ideology plagiarism.

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