2006 – review.

31 12 2006

How can I do a review of 2006 if 25cents has only been live for a little over 6 months? I can and I will. I’ll take snippets from my other blogs. See what a rollercoaster 2006 has been for me. I’ve still got a bit over 2.5 hrs before 2007 to finish this one up.


  1. I GOT IT! I GOT IT! well. This IS a good weekend. =)
  2. i guess they never imagined they’d be paying their intern *this* much money.
  3. im so grr and argh and quiet and mousy and pathetic and bitchy and agh and ugh all at once.


  1.  12 more days, hooray!
  2. These so called “beautiful people” are really nothing more than malicious uglies. They feel the need to rip someone apart in order to make themselves feel cooler.
  3. I feel like I have this standard to reach, that I’m just not ready for reaching yet.


  1.  People who wear moon boots or ugg/muckluck/hushpuppy hybrids should be shot.
  2. It’s always fun to discreetly observe people on the train or subway. Or any mode of public transportation for that matter.
  3. Yay for interactive love.


  1.   Leaving the office for the Daily Show in 44 minutes!
  2. Getting an email from your manager on a Sunday night, saying, yes, you just had another good idea for your current project. Awesome.


  1.  Tom, you’re not going to tell them about my 18 illegitimate children who are living in a cave with my 2 yr old husband in Antarctica, are you? Only if you don’t tell them I’m my own great-grandfather… and I’m not a homosexual.
  2. He made me miss my train. We made up the time.


  1. The new dating cute.
  2. “That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of time.”
    -John Stuart Mill
  3.   I don’t know what I want to do first. Because I know I can’t do it all at once.
  4. 25cents is born.


  1.  Well, there really IS nothing going on here.
  2. I miss being at a place where I love what it is I do… that makes me the money. Not a lot. But certainly MUCH more than what I make now (ZERO).
  3. It’s too hot in here.


  1. I win at life today.
  2. 24
  3. He’s honest.


  1.  I’m going to force myself to write, create. To vent.
  2. im sick of people trying to blame me for latest loss of job.
  3. I wanna be a hamster.


  1. Who will emerge the victor as Bagel Eviscerator Supreme?
  2. Do guys always seem to think the girl should automatically know what they’re thinking? Why do they get mad when the girl tries to delve deeper?
  3. Do seasoned (maybe I’m giving these people too much credit) drivers suddenly forget how to drive when it starts to drizzle?


  1. The intarwebs is populated by eejits.
  2. I was featured on WordPress.com’s Growing Blogs of the Day! For November 20, 2006!
  3.  Certain memories are meant to be forgotten. Particular parts of certain memories are meant to be forgotten. Specific sections are meant to be told and retold, and have lessons learned from them.


  1.  is it possible to be attracted to someone because you think you want to be attracted to them?
  2. Happy for me in that it doesn’t really feel like December.



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