What makes girls/guys tick?

16 01 2007

If I could answer this question, I wouldn’t have quite so many guy-type drama. How does one make the conscious decision to ‘oh, I think I like _______ now’ or ‘oh, I think it’s time for ______ and I to do something’ or ‘it’s time to move to the next level’ — whatever that next level is?

I’m sorry for the vague references — but you know what I mean, right?




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18 01 2007

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re discussing one kind of “like” and actually thinking about another. Saying “Oh, I think I like ____ now”, while maybe not word for word, is the kind of conscious decision that someone would make before actually liking someone. Or, the kind of thing you would tell yourself if you’re trying to make yourself like someone. Emotion doesn’t really come into play, at least not at this stage of the game.

The other kind of “like” I mentioned is the one that’s more the emotional reaction you’d feel about someone before consciously realizing “Oh, I really do like ____ now”. Having the desire to do something with so-and-so, and then saying “I think it’s time ___ and I did something” is also along these same lines.

The former might work in the short term, but unless it evolves into the latter, which it can, although rarely, chances are it won’t go anywhere. Maybe I’m going soft, but the latter is what really counts.

And I’m not going to touch your title question at all because everyone’s different and no one will make an answer that will satisfy the rest.

19 01 2007
25 cent life

‘Like’ has too many definitions. It’s like the word ‘nice’. Overused stock phrase.

God knows if I’m ever thinking and writing and saying the exact same thing at the same time. Maybe in succession, but never simultaneously. Damn the racing thoughts.

What’s wrong with going soft?

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