Being a token

23 01 2007

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. She mentioned to me that I had always been her commitment and relationship-phobic friend. Then out of nowhere, I’m taken.

In fact, I’d always been the comfortably single friend. The token single female friend, as it were. Now, all of a sudden — I am also the taken girl. To be honest, it’s throwing a wrench in my comfortable life routine too.

Of course, I’m not complaining… it’s just strange.

Cheers to the strategic nice guy that snagged me. Thus disproving ‘Embrace the Unknown’s theory that bad boys are desirable. They are desirable, perhaps in one or a few capacities. Beyond that — I like my nice guy just fine, thanks.




5 responses

23 01 2007

I think nice guys become that much more desirable as one gets older and wants to settle down. [how sad, we’re getting old]

Kudos to you for snagging a nice guy, but if you ever become all soft and un-bitchy, we cannot be friends anymore.

23 01 2007
25 cent life

I can never be non-bitchy. You should ask him. Bitch is still all there. And I can be 50% soft.

29 01 2007

I’m the token single one who’s now taken as well. Isn’t it the strangest feeling? Not bad by any means, just odd and slightly awkward. 🙂

30 01 2007
Justin V

why do we have to wait till we get old.. US nice guys are here now.. ahem ahem.. GOSH..

I’m token too, jus the Token Black GUY.. LOL…oh wait, I’m single too, make that SINGLE TOKEN BLACK GUY. LMAO

30 01 2007
25 cent life

I don’t have an ‘old’ nice guy. Funny tidbit, I’m older than he is. So, I guess, I used to be the single token asian girl. I’m not sure which was worse. At any rate, among my friends — I’m still the token asian girl. Dam, to only be a stereotype…

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