Bloggers are antisocial — what?

1 02 2007

via OneDegree – Stupidest. Blog Article. Evar.

and the Original Article – Author laments lonely life of bloggers

But Michael Keren, who has written “Blogosphere: The New Political Arena,” suggests individuals who bare their souls in blogs are isolated and lonely, living in a virtual reality instead of forming real relationships or helping to change the world.

“Bloggers think of themselves as rebels against mainstream society, but that rebellion is mostly confined to cyberspace, which makes blogging as melancholic and illusionary as Don Quixote tilting at windmills,” the author says.

“Many of us end up like Father McKenzie in the ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Beatles song, who is writing a sermon that no one is going to hear,” he suggests. “Some of us are going to be embraced by the mainstream media, but the majority of us remain in the dark, remain in the loneliness.”

I think Keren is doing us a disservice by associating himself with us. Most of the prolific bloggers that I know of are not only shaping the blogosphere as we know it today — but also the physical world we live in — complete with ‘real’ relationships and ‘real’ reality.

“These are people with nicknames who express enormous support, but they can disappear in the next minute and they are not real, and she remains lonely in the end.”

Perhaps the length of time this support is fleeting — but really, isn’t it the thought that counts? Those warm fuzzy vibes?

Personally, I think that Keren is just sour on the fact that we’re doing so well — the ones that love to blog, the ones that do it for the sake of blogging — I don’t think this reflects badly on our real lives.




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