Week Number 3. Almost.

5 02 2007

So, I have this thing with this guy. And we’re friends. Like really good friends. Like so much of good friends that we practically have our own new label. And unlike other labelly things I have had in the past, this one managed to have more than a day-long half-life.

On the 7th, aka the day after tomorrow, it’ll be 3 weeks. And I’m excited-slash-terrifed if only for the mere fact that I haven’t had anything last this long without me, by the third week, wondering how I can get out without gnawing off a limb.

A gnawed off limb would certainly impact my life more than this thing does, I would think. I have first and last thoughts of the day. Talk every day. My text message limit is getting an enormous boost. Hell, I’m glad I switched over to unlimited texts not too long ago. (To the best of my knowledge, the last billing period had more than 3,000 texts used – and I’m the only one that uses texts. Me and my Treo.) I make him foot the call minutes, though. It’s safer that way. I actually have to be concerned about someone else other than myself.

Don’t let the lapse in selfishness fool you. I probably aggravate him on a daily basis with all my little quirks that have to be addressed and where I absolutely NEED to have my brows furrowed into a shape that would make the Grand Canyon jealous. Just like I NEED to pout and be completely unreasonable in a manner that defies my 24 years of age. It’s like a silent tantrum. Keep in mind, according to everyone, I never threw a tantrum – sources say my first one was past puberty. And it usually lasts all of 30 min, from buildup to explosion to cool down.

Forgive me for sounding cliché, but I feel somewhat complete. In that way, you know if you’re going to be there, this is how I am, and if you can’t handle being called a dumbass at least once a day, please feel free to open that door while I’m speeding down the highway and just fall out. I won’t mind, really.

He won’t let me fart yet though. My inner child is throwing a tantrum. Silently.




5 responses

5 02 2007
Justin V

Congrats on the 3 weeks. Text a lot? HMMMM LOL..
Video Games I can do, Texting, I just can’t..

Can you make it a month.. DUM DUM DUM.. WE wait.

5 02 2007
25 cent life

Week number 4 is going to be Valentine’s Day. I swear up and down this guy planned it to fall like that — because we are apparently equally cheesy and corny and hopelessly romantic like that. But he swears by whatever higher power that he didn’t plan it. I’m a strategist at heart, I’m still not completely convinced. Trust me, there will be a Week 4 entry. There has to be.

But I refuse to wear red. Or pink.

5 02 2007
Justin V

LOL.. Good for you.. Fight the PINK!!!

5 02 2007
25 cent life

I can wear pink and red (on any other day but that day and Christmas)… but I have to stay true to my 23 years of bitter singleness — even if I am happily taken on the 24th year.

It’s a matter of principle.

5 02 2007

If the 4th week is as good as the 3 prior I\’ll be a lucky man -_-

But on a lighter note, I\’ll not be ejecting myself from any vehicle anytime soon. I may have to review my cellular plan to ensure that it doesn\’t aggrivate me (you certainly don\’t lol).

I\’ve gotten used to the inner tantrums that occasionally find their way into the realm of audibility & the flying fists of fury that I\’m constantly on guard against lol. At first I thought I may\’ve bitten off more than I can chew (not a limb though :-)) but digeting this whole scenario is daily becoming more pleasurable.

That said, cheers to QWERTY keypads and the coming holiday!

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