Ice Cream in January

6 02 2007

Wait. But it’s February. I guess this time thing is moving faster than I can keep up with it. I’m a very slow runner, which makes me wonder how I ever survived playing rugby. But that’s a completely different thought.

My anachronism aside… there’s also the other part of this title to consider. Ice Cream. I totally scream for it. But what’s so amazing about it in the middle of winter?

Let’s see… ice cream in the summer. It’s more socially acceptable to get your hands and face sticky with melty sweet stuff. I haven’t looked like that eating ice cream for at least two decades. I was a mess and germophobe back then, although I doubt you could tell from the state of my room lately. Ice cream offers a sweet and cool respite from the summer heat. If you’re like me, and have an August birthday – you know how brutal those summer dog days can be. Ironic, I’m a Leo… and I’m born in the year of the Dog. Sweet irony. No wonder I’m under mental stress so often. One side of my brain is constantly chasing after the other.

But I digress. I just wanted to post about the fact that the guy and I went out on an errand, and in the midst of errands, we ended up in front of a Carvel and had ice cream cones.

It was cool refreshment in the baking heat of my car and the bright sunlight – if you close your eyes, you can certainly imagine it’s summer, except I’m wearing far more layers.

He had the sticky chocolately mustache – not I.




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7 02 2007

A brilliant distractive statement serves as the perfect lead into mocking the man with the choco-stache. But in all reality the paradox of ice cream on a frigid day isn’t a paradox at all (forgive my calling it one to begin with, but I had to inject an SAT vocab word lol). Rather, it’s an acceptance of the world around us at any given time.

When one feels heat they seek the cold. When one feels cold they seek the heat. This yearning we always have for the other “pole” is symptomatic of being American. Lest we forget that all the while it’s never the end, but rather the pursuit of that end which enthralls us and occupies our minds. Hamsters dig wheels ya know!

Putting the philosophical BS in the overhead for now and inspecting my carry on I’m finding that even in the dead of winter, so far as you’re with the right ice cream buddy that you’re never too far from warmth. And that life…as random and cold as it may seem sometimes, can also be sweeter than we’d ever expect.

7 02 2007
25 cent life

You’re still trying to impress me with all that SAT word stuff (it’s cute)… and I think you’re putting too much thought into a simple comment.

You amuse me.

7 02 2007

Hey, i was just being nice lol…

let me redraft my original post….

Werd, u owe me a cone…

7 02 2007

I think it’s two now…

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