Inflated sense of entitlement

8 02 2007

I suppose it comes from being an only child.

But I’m not spoiled by any stretch of the imagination. I got almost everything I’ve ever wanted, within reason. Within reason meaning within financial reason.

So, when I have an idea… I like to keep it my own, and get all the credit for it. Who doesn’t? But I suppose that I have an ingrained ideal of what is ‘mine’. It’s selfish and comes off as rude and petty sometimes… but at least I know what’s what. Some people are pushovers. But I know my limits.

I digress.

So I had this idea. It’s flourished. It’s bloomed. You’re reading it. And I tried to start something similar to it, with some key differences. Now someone else is taking my idea. And applying it to somewhere that might work better. And I like the someone else. But they’re taking MY idea. And if it works, they get credit for MY idea.

Intellectual property going on at a more basic and primitive level.

It’s 1 in the morning, this is a 1a rant.




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