Understanding understood.

19 02 2007

Hello, I’m “the guy” and this is my first full fledged post on Quarter Life Crisis. I’ll get right down to business here…just what does it mean to understand? Now when I say understand, I’m not relating the state of understanding or being understood to any specific scenario, rather I’m after its definition and how for better or for worse it defines our lives.

In my view there are only a handful of concerns in life…now, earlier, and later. All we really have is the moment, and it’s in this continuous recycling of time (aka, now) that we use past data to make the decisions that’ll effect the optimal outcome in the future which is ultimately the past that’s yet to occur…or the present that’s waiting in the wing.

And of course, it’s emotion that is responsible for governing the impact of this process on our psychological health. Those who are filled with regret are in the past. Those who live without regret will forever be stuck in the moment, susceptible to many shocks moving forward, and those with their eye on tomorrow often miss the wondrous day that is. So while time is really only a way to express the impact of motion on matter, it’s also the backdrop for experience in life and how it impacts us.

So just as time is an illusion, physical reality may be construed as one as well…we don’t rely on empirical data for most of our truths…often times truth is laced so heavily with the wisdom of others it becomes a task to distill experience from something you’ve overheard. The essence of life at its most basic level becomes lost after living for xyz amount of time.

So what is it to understand? Do we know who we are? Do we know what we like? Why we like it? Who to love? What is love? What’s the meaning of life? Who is god? Is there a god? Does he care about us? Is there objective good and evil or is it a categorical misinterpretation due to our human bias? What is a title tag? All relevant matters….

To be brutally honest there’s no right answer and any direct engaging of these issues requires deep thought and commitment to decisions based only loosely on fact. So to understand is simply acknowledging the fact that we know nothing. Any joy, any pain, challenge, triumph, love, sorrow, win or loss we ever have is unique to our mind. None is these is transferable to any other human…so you see understanding is acceptance…acceptance of the inevitable proof without a premise…the realization of something from nothing.

Inspired by a short post from Great Human Capital





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