Randomness Smiles On Us All

21 02 2007

Consider this if you will…

You canvassed the earth for sand, and for each grain of sand you found, you built a bird house and populated it with a sparrow. You’d have a multitude of sparrows, many birdhouses and one might ask you to justify precisely what you’re up to.

Say you went further in your endeavors and you chose one birdhouse and the one sparrow associated with it. You came to hold this creature in this house among trillions of others as the highest of the high in your universe of sparrows and declared it the singular greatest situation among them all. You allowed for the best seeds and the finest feathers. One might further ask…”first you’ve gone and built a seemingly endless array of birdhouses, and now you’ve declared one superior. What are your judgments based upon?”

Now this one sparrow, this one beloved sparrow you cherish so, falls into a state of undesirability. It loses its purity and now you must rectify this tainting. So you send your son into the nest to be stung, broken and beaten in the birdhouse…ultimately passing away in the sparrow’s nest. Now any on looker would say, “you’ve simply gone mad, first you build this infinitude of birdhouses…so many that they lose meaning taken individually, then you select one as superior and find that the sparrow and it’s house have fallen into a state of disarray. How can you justify such a thing? How can your standards as a human, master of the trillion sparrows be obverved by just one sparrow? How could one be better or more upstanding than the next?! How could you throw your son into this madness that had no meaning at its inception?”

Modern science has shown that our universe, one of numinous proportions, which I stand it awe of every clear summer night….emerged from something a billionth the size of a cookie crumb. You, I, the shoe of someone across your way, our military, the sun and the trillions of stars in the sky can from an infinitesimally small ball of infinite density. How lucky we are to be stationed on this birdhouse among the many trillion birdhouses in the infinite vastness that is the universe. How lucky we are to be loved and cherished by the chief architect of the sparrow project, among all the others he may’ve chosen to bless.




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